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Corkbuzz Chelsea Market wine classes span a variety of levels and topics ranging from beginners courses to in-depth wine education, and are taught by Master Sommelier, Laura Maniec and her team of sommeliers. Classes are thorough and interactive, inspiring conversation in a lively, social environment. We encourage you to sign up in advance below, as classes do fill up quickly. If seats are still available, though, drop-ins are welcome!



All wine classes include assorted cheese and bread. Don’t see the class or time you want? Drop us a line with your ideas. We also offer custom wine classes for private parties and corporate events. Click on a month below for the list of currently scheduled classes. 



Classes are also offered at our Union Square location!

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Wine 101
Learn the basics and discover what you like in a wine so you can choose bottles in a restaurant or wine shop with confidence. We'll cover: how wine is made; the difference between Old World and New World styles of wine; how climate affects the body, alcohol and acidity of wine; how to determine and describe what you like.
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Sparkling Wine Around the World
What do blanc de noirs and blanc de blancs mean? Why is Champagne so much more expensive than Prosecco? And how does vintage bubbly differ from non-vintage? In this class, we'll taste and cover: how sparkling wine is made; styles of sparkling wine and popular regions; what makes true Champagne so special; sparkling terminology and general pairing suggestions.
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Cheese & Wine Pairing
Though they're famous for going well together, cheese and wine aren't the easiest of things to understand. Stilton and Syrah or Gruyère and Grüner — who knows?? We do. We'll taste and cover: composition of cheese and wine; main types of cheese; general pairing guidelines; specific pairing suggestions.
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A Tour of France
Learn about the major wine regions of France, from Alsace to Languedoc-Rousillon and everything in between. Traditionally, this has been one of the most important countries for wine in the world, and understanding the "classic" regions, grapes and wine styles is fundamental to a solid wine knowledge. (Not to mention, they're good wines!) We'll taste and cover: French wine laws and history; six major wine regions and their climates, grapes, styles of production and suggested pairings.
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Burgundy Basics
Burgundy is one of the most famous wine regions in the world, with a legion of passionate devotees. It can also be one of the most confusing to explore, with some vineyards boasting only a few rows of precious vines tended by multiple producers. We'll taste and cover: Burgundy's history and organization; its main grapes and sub-regions; recent vintages.
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Old World vs. New World: Introductions
These are two major classification of wines that reference not just place but stylisic tendencies. Old world wines tend to show more earthy or non-fruit aromas, generally lower in alcohol and lighter in body with less oak than their New World counterparts. New World wines tend to be labeled by grape variety. These are but some of the differences. Come taste through examples of both styles and find out what camp you prefer or if you like a little bit of both!
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A Tour of Italy
Learn about the major wine regions of Italy, from Alto Adige to Sicily and everything in between. There's such a wide range of wines produced here — over 1,400 native grapes! — it's no wonder Italian wine can be a little confusing. But the wines are delicious and well-worth getting to know. We'll taste and cover: Italian wine laws and history; six major Italian wine regions and their climates, grapes, styles of production and suggested pairings.
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Raid the Wine Cellar with Laura Maniec: Sonoma
Taste some of Laura's favorites along side snacks to pair with them from our Chef's menu. Each raid has a theme selected by Laura, where she will pull and share some bottles with informed, casual and fun conversation. Each of these bottles and regions holds a special place in our cellar, join us and learn why.
Please note this class cannot be used as a part of the 5 class pack.
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Shades of Red: Exploring Red Varietals
Ever wonder how sommeliers can name a wine with just a sniff and a sip? It starts with knowing the characteristics of different cabernet differs from pinot noir or syrah. Here we will explore the range of aromas and structural differences across the spectrum of red varietals.
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Exploring Wines of the Southern Hemisphere
Earth's Southern Hemisphere is home to some of the most fascinating up-and-coming wine-growing areas, with vineyards popping up everywhere from the hot high desert to the foothills of the Andes to the cool and foggy coast (and everywhere in between). We'll discuss new and established appellations while we taste through a diverse array of whites and reds from some of these most exciting wineries.
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All About Rosé
This special seasonal class welcomes in the new fleet of rosé wines just as the weather and the barbecues heat up. We'll taste and cover: the different ways rosé is made; our latest favorites; perfect pink pairings!
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